• Outfitting Renters

We provide a complete outfitting service to experienced kayakers.

We provide a complete outfitting service to experienced kayakers that wish to plan and undertake their own trip.

Renters must be experienced in kayak rescue techniques and have substantial kayak and camping/back country experience. We will only rent kayaks to people that have already been on several of their own unguided trips and have the necessary 'practical skills' to take care of themselves both on and off the water. Baja is renowned for high winds and rapid changes in sea conditions and can be as unforgiving as the Pacific Ocean to unwary kayakers.

If you consider yourself experienced but would like a refresher to general kayak skills and information related to kayaking in Baja please refer to the details below on kayak lessons.

We regularly outfit private groups, schools and universities providing all the necessary kayaking gear plus an efficient shuttle service to and from Espiritu Santo Island and other popular destinations. BOA rent single plastic kayaks made by Prijon and Necky and double kayaks made by Prijon and Seaward. The following rates include paddle, paddle float, PFD, spray skirt, pump, sponge and as much information on the area as you care to ask!

Type of kayaks
Type of kayak One day Each day thereafter One week
Single Sit-on-top $50 US $20 US $150 US
Single Sea Kayak $60 US $30 US $210 US
Double Sit-on-top $65 US $35 US $240 US
Double Sea Kayak $90 US $45 US $315 US

* Free map of Espiritu Santo Island with every rental.

It is advisable to reserve as early as possible; during the vacations we are often fully booked with our own guided trips.

Additional gear available for rent
Type of gear One day Each day thereafter One week
Tent $15 US $10 US $65 US
Sleeping pad $10 US $5 US $35 US
Stove and fuel $15 US $10 US $65 US
Sleeping bag $10 US $5 US $35 US
Snorkel Sets $15 US $5 US $40 US
Dry Bags $5 US $3 US $20 US
Cooking Utensils Kit pp $15 US $5 US $40 US
Wetsuits $20 US $5 US $50 US

Our kayaks are kept in a compound behind our office which is located at the north end of town, on the Malecon, next door to a well known fish restaurant called El Molinito. Another land mark is Hotel El Moro which is 80 yds south of us. If you have your own transportation you can collect your reserved kayaks during our morning office hours from 8am-1pm. If you require a shuttle then you need to consider whether you just want to go to the nearest beach (Tecolote) in our taxi van to paddle over to the island or book our motor boat shuttle to Espiritu Santo Island.

Shuttle Options
Punta Dispensa
Southern Point
$50us pp
($200us min per panga)
$75us pp
($300us min per panga)
Half way up
$70us pp
($280us min per panga)
$100us pp
($400us min per panga)
Ensenada grande
(North point)
$90us pp
($360us min per panga)
$120us pp
($480us min per panga)
Sea lion colony! $120us pp
($480us min per panga)

There is a $4USpp per day visitor's fee charged by the Parks service for Espiritu Santo Island and all other Gulf of California Islands. Permits can be purchased through our office.

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