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Please be advised that to participate in any BOA trip you need to be fully vaccinated or present a PCR negative test result taken within 72 hours of your trip departure.

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We use a combination of single and double kayaks on all of our trips. We try to rotate the kayaks around so that every one has a chance to paddle the different styles. Let us know if you have a strong preference between a single or a double kayak so that we can take it into account.
The options are:

I strongly prefer a single
I strongly prefer a double
I am happy with what ever is easier for the trip

Please tick on the items you need to request from BOA:

The following are free of charge:
  • Shared tent
  • Drybags
  • Sleeping pad
You may also rent the following gear from BOA. Please note the rental fee for the different types of trips
  • Wet suit............... 40us
  • Snorkelling gear.. 30us
  • Sleeping bag....... 30us
  • Solo Tent............. 30us
  • Wet suit............... 40us
  • Snorkelling gear.. 30us
  • Sleeping bag....... 30us
  • Solo Tent............. 20us
  • Wet suit............... 30us
  • Snorkelling gear.. 20us
  • Sleeping bag....... 25us
  • Solo Tent............. 20us

What kayaking experience do you have? 0 -1 Trip 2 - 5 Trips 5 - 20 Trips More

What do you consider is your level of fitness? Not very fit Moderate fit Very fit

To submit your information you MUST read and acknowledge the waiver information below. Information will NOT submit unless you agree to sign the waiver.

I agree to sign the waiver and port closure information before the trip departure

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